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3 Reasons To Try Magicleaf Stevia Powder (Spout Pack):


1. It does not spike your blood sugar levels (100% Safe for People With DIABETES)

2. Contains ZERO calories

3. One 250g Spout Pack can go for 30 days (Use 1/2 teaspoon for 1 Cup of Tea)



Magicleaf Stevia Sweetener is:


- 100% Natural : Causes no bloated stomach, gastrointestinal issues or headaches like artificial sweeteners.

- No Chemicals used - From stevia farming to extraction of the sweetness from the stevia leaves, we use only organic processes. This makes Magicleaf a non harmful and safest sugar alternative.

- No GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) used :  Keeps you away from allergies, cancer causing agents & any side effects.

- No Bitter Aftertaste : These are the 4 factors which gives Magicleaf Stevia no bitter aftertaste: 

  1. Our proprietary plant variety
  2. Our organic extraction process
  3. Our process which uses zero chemicals
  4. Our unique precision blending technology of mixing Stevia with the bulking agent.

- Not a single artificial compound (Glycerin, Sucralose, Aspartame, Lactose, Sorbitol, Maltitol, Saccharin) used. So it does not affect or disrupt your gut bacteria balance.


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FAQ: Can people with diabetes use Magicleaf Stevia?
Yes! Magicleaf Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and is safe for one and all – including diabetics and weight watchers.


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Made in India from Farming to Manufacturing ❤️️

 - Sufficient to sweeten 125 cups of tea/coffee

Magicleaf Stevia Powder is

✔️ Safest Sugar alternative for EVERYONE including pregnant women & kids

✔️ Recommended for diabetic patients ⭐️ Has NO Bitter Aftertaste

✔️ Great for WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & fitness enthusiasts

✔️ Contains anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties

✔️ Can be used in numerable recipes like Laddoos, Raita, Gajar ka Halwa, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Milkshake, Cookies, Waffles, Lemonade, Protein Dishes, Cheesecakes, Muffins, Pancakes, Brownies, Smoothies, Mousse, Jams, Truffle, Tarts, Yogurt, Chocolate bars and more...

- NO Glycerin
- NO Sucralose
- NO Aspartame
- NO Lactose
- NO Sorbitol
- NO Maltitol

⭐️ No Chemicals Added
⭐️ No Preservatives
⭐️ No Side Effects
⭐️ No Cholesterol



✔️ 0 Calories & Carbs

✔️ 100% NATURAL

✔️ 1 tablespoon of Magicleaf Natural Stevia = 2 tablespoons of Sugar

✔️ Can replace sugar for entire family.

🙏 Made with ♥ in INDIA 🙏

➕ We grow our own high quality Stevia leaves in the foothills of Himalayas to ensure consistent taste & freshness of ingredients.

➕ We then extract the sweetness of these leaves using our proprietary organic technology. This ensures that your Stevia extract is as natural as possible.

➕ With every unit you buy, you are supporting the Indian farmers while also getting some high quality sweetness to treat your taste buds.

➕ Stevia Sugar Free Powder by Magicleaf can replace sugar for your entire family, as it is totally safe for diabetics, pregnant women, as well as kids.

➕ Make a brownie or Gajar ka Halwa, Magicleaf will always add the magic that your food needs, with ZERO CALORIES.

Magicleaf Stevia is an extraordinary zero-calorie sweetener that is 100% Natural, 100% Safe and 100% Good for you. It has been designed with taste, quality, and ease of use in mind. Two micro spoons (provided) of Magicleaf sweetens like One teaspoon of Sugar. Each micro spoon measures 1 gm and takes the guesswork out of Sugar substitution in recipes so that you can enjoy perfect sweetness every single time.

Feel free to explore 100s of healthier low-calorie recipes of your favorite foods in Magicleaf Kitchen.

What’s inside:

Magicleaf Stevia is a proprietary sweetener blend made from the following 5 ingredients: Natural Stevia Extract, Levulose, Erythritol, Prebiotic Fibers, Natural Silica and Natural Flavors.

While Stevia extracts provide the sweetness, Levulose and Erythritol provide the necessary bulk. Prebiotic Fibers act as a good complement to Stevia extract and help improve gut health. Silica keeps Magicleaf free-flowing. And Natural Flavors make the overall formulation better tasting.

Per Serving (1 gm) Calories are less than 5 and Magicleaf is hence classified as a Zero Calorie Sweetener. The trivial amount of calories contained in Magicleaf Stevia comes from Crystalline Fructose that is a low-calorie low GI bulking agent. The unique metabolism mechanism of Crystalline Fructose ensures that even these small amounts of calories don’t enter your bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar levels extremely stable.

250 gms Spout Pack is sufficient to sweeten 125 cups of tea/coffee and should last your family a month. If you plan to use Magicleaf for cooking and baking we recommend you consider getting a Subscription that will ensure that you never run out of stock of Magicleaf. Subscriptions also provide superior value for money through higher savings. You can pause or accelerate your subscription at any time.

Magicleaf is safe for one and all. Including Children, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, and people pursuing low carb diets. For more details please refer to FAQ or simply contact us!


Yes! Magicleaf Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and is safe for one and all – including diabetics and weight watchers.

Yes! Magicleaf products are perfect for a low-calorie cooking. All the ingredients in Magicleaf Stevia and Magicleaf Keto are heat stable. In other words, they retain their sweetness even at high temperatures, e.g. in oven-baked desserts. Unlike Artificial Sweeteners like Aspartame that degrade into toxic compounds upon heating, Stevia is very stable and suitable for all purpose cooking and baking.

You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. Because Magicleaf Stevia is 2 times as sweet as sugar, you’ll only need 1/2th as much as regular sugar. Magicleaf Stevia dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage — just pour and stir! When baking, replaces table sugar 2 for 1 (2 cups of table sugar = 1 cup of Magicleaf Stevia). Because Magicleaf Stevia contains crystalline fructose, it retains the browning and carmelizing features cooks look for in baking, making it an excellent replacement for sugar in recipes. We are always adding new recipes to our website. You can find them on