3-in-1 No-Sugar Bundle (Magicleaf Perfect Bakes + 2 Free Memberships)

Rs. 2,497.00Rs. 499.00
3-in-1 No-Sugar Bundle (Magicleaf Perfect Bakes + 2 Free Memberships)

3-in-1 No-Sugar Bundle (Magicleaf Perfect Bakes + 2 Free Memberships)

Rs. 2,497.00Rs. 499.0080%OFF

Bundle Offer Contains

  1.  Magicleaf Perfect Bakes ( 400gms). Original Price = ₹599, Offer Price = ₹499
    Bake Tasty No-Sugar Cakes & Cookies with this 100% Natural Sweetener
2. FREE BONUS 1 - No Sugar Recipes Membership (Validity: 1 Year). Original Price = ₹999, Offer Price = ₹0
All our Fresh Recipes sent straight to your inbox. 

3. FREE BONUS 2 - No Sugar Club Membership (Validity: 1 Year). Original Price = ₹999, Offer Price = ₹0

Avail discounts, goodies & be part of our new product launches. 

1 Perfect Bakes + 2 Bonuses @ ₹499 (Save ₹1998)2 Perfect Bakes + 2 Bonuses @ ₹699 (Save ₹2796)
Rs. 2,497.00Rs. 499.00

Offer Ends In

  • Cash on Delivery Available

  • Free delivery all over india

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3 Reasons To Try Magicleaf Perfect Bakes Blend:

  • Perfect texture and taste performance just like Sugar.
  • It does not impact blood sugar level (Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic Index).100% safe for people with Diabetes.
  • Easy to use. Use the same quantity as regular Sugar (cup for cup)



Other Stevia Brands



Other Stevia Brands


Proprietary Blending and Organic Extraction technology deliver a clean well rounded taste

Strong Aftertaste

Extraction Technology

Organic Extraction without use of Chemicals

Chemically Loaded Polluting Technology for Refining and Bleaching Stevia into white powder

Made In India

Proudly manufactured in India. We work directly with smallholder Indian farmers.

Packaged and Sold in India but imported from China.


Non GMO. 100% Sustainable, Scalable, Traceable Supply Chain

No Sustainability or Traceability of Supply Chain. Origin of Stevia and other ingredients in the mix not clear. Likely from genetically modified Stevia plants grown in China.


100% Quality Ingredients that are safe and good for one and all. Pure natural stevia extract, purified water, dietary fibers and vegetable glycerin.

Stevia used is Natural. But there are other preservatives like Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate that are cheap, but not natural.

Real Customers. Real Testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stevia?

Stevia rebaudiana is a small herbaceous plant native to South America. A family of compounds called Steviol glycosides present in the leaves of this plant give it its sweet taste.

Is Stevia safe?

Yes. Stevia has a history of 100s of years of being used as a sweetening agent in the human diet. Global food regulatory authorities like the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and FAO (JECFA) have approved Stevia extracts as a food additive after decades of evaluation. Today, Stevia extracts are fully approved to be used as a food additive in more than 130 countries.

Does Stevia taste similar to sugar? 

Stevia has its own distinct sweet taste just like any other natural sweetener like Honey, Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup. Unfortunately, because Sugar is so pervasive in our foods our taste buds take some time to acclimatise and appreciate any new sweet flavour. Magicleaf Stevia is a product of 5 years of intensive R&D to simulate a Sugar like taste profile and create an extraordinary all-purpose sweetener that is all taste but no calories. Like many foods you love like tea/coffee/honey, it can be a bit of an acquired taste and can take a week or so to get used to it. But once you do, there will no going back! In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our product that if you try Magicleaf for 30 days and are not satisfied with the taste, we will happily return the product and give your money back.

Is stevia Safe For All?

All Magicleaf products are safe for everyone's consumption, including diabetics, pregnant women, children and weight watchers.