Magicleaf Stevia Sweetener
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Magicleaf Stevia Powder is now available in easy to carry and easy to use Sachets. It is great for sweetening Tea, Coffee and other hot or cold beverages. Just  slip a few sachets in your pocket, purse or bag and you will never miss Magicleaf wherever you go. Magicleaf Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that is great tasting and 100% natural. Unlike other Sugarfree or Stevia sachet brands it does not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients and is safe for daily and long term use.

-Contains zero calories and zero net carbs.

-Great for diabetics. Zero Glycemic Index

-1 Sachet = 1 Teaspoon sugar. Easy to use & easy to carry. 

-100% natural. No chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

-Stevia grown and organically extracted in India.



What is it made of?

Magicleaf Stevia is an extraordinary zero calorie sweetener made from the following 4 plant based ingredients: Stevia Extract (Natural Sweetener), Inulin ( Natural Prebiotic Fiber), Erythritol (Natural Bulking Agent), Silica (Natural Anticaking agent).

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Magicleaf Stevia is a proprietary sweetener blend made from the following 5 ingredients: Natural Stevia Extract,  Erythritol, Prebiotic Fibers, Natural Silica and Natural Flavors.

While Stevia extracts provide the sweetness, Erythritol provides the necessary bulk. Prebiotic Fibers act as a good complement to Stevia extract and help improve gut health. Silica keeps Magicleaf free-flowing. And Natural Flavors make the overall formulation better tasting.

Magicleaf is safe for one and all. Including Children, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, and people pursuing low-carb diets. For more details please refer to FAQ or simply contact us on 8800221664

Yes! Magicleaf Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and is safe for one and all – including diabetics and weight watchers.

You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. Use 1 sachet to sweeten 1 cup of tea (120 ml). Magicleaf Stevia dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage — just pour and stir!