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Magicleaf Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made from organically grown Shimla apples and includes the “mother”. It is delivered to you in its purest form - raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized. The Organic ACV is enhanced with the goodness of natural ginger, garlic, lemon and stevia extracts, making it a supertonic rich in natural and healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. This tonic is proven to deliver powerful functional benefits for Heart Health.

  1. Great for Heart. Lowers Cholesterol and removes blockages. Boosts Metabolism and Digestion.
  2. 750 ml bottle lasts 2.5 months.
  3. 100% Organic. USDA Certified.
  4. Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized retaining the natural goodness of “Mother” vinegar containing enzymes, proteins and friendly bacteria.
  5. Fortified with goodness of real ginger, real garlic, real lemon, and natural stevia making it a great tasting, power packed drink for your daily start.

Why Magicleaf Organic ACV?

  1. 100% Quality Guarantee: Other ACV Brands can be adulterated with synthetic acetic acid which does not deliver the health benefits of ACV made from real apple juice.

  2. Not from Concentrate: Magicleaf ACV is made by 2 stage natural fermentation of real apple juice and not by reconstituting apple powder concentrate with water. ACV made from concentrate does not have the beneficial enzymes and gut bacteria.
  3. Scientifically Researched Formulation:With the right ratio of ACV, Natural Ginger, Natural Garlic and Natural Lemon to deliver real health benefits.


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Magicleaf Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Contains:

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother: Contains a culture of friendly gut bacteria that are great for your digestion and metabolism. Also packed with Antioxidants, Enzymes and Minerals.

Ginger: Relieves acid reflux and heartburn. Improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Garlic: Lowers cholesterol level. Helps in preventing blood clots, and regulating blood pressure.

Lemon: Provides Vitamin C and helps boost immunity. 

Stevia: Delivers great sweet taste without any calories.

Servings: Add 10ml Magicleaf Organic ACV in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink empty stomach in the morning everyday or  30 minutes before meals twice a day.

Please note: Our ACV is cloudy and contains settlement. That is nothing but the ‘Mother of Vinegar’. You may also notice some stains on the bottle. It is normal  and a sign that the ACV is raw, unfiltered and contains real ginger and garlic in high concentration.

Yes, it is USDA Organic certified.

Magicleaf ACV with Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, & Stevia is proven to deliver several health benefits including strengthening heart, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar level and managing acid reflux.

Add 10ml Magicleaf ACV in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink empty stomach in the morning every day or 30 minutes before meals twice a day. You can also use it for cooking.



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