Taste the difference

As a company, we only do Stevia-based products and nothing else - and we do it well. Our products are the highest quality Stevia products out there. We are so confident of this because over the years we have benchmarked the taste and quality of our products against leading brands all over the world. Many of our product formulations are patented and developed with years of R&D with the single minded obsession of formulating the best tasting stevia sweeteners while avoiding all sorts of nasty fillers and artificial bulking agents.

As our consumer, it is important to understand that Stevia is NOT sugar. It is fundamentally sweet with its own unique taste. And like many of the finer things in life that you absolutely love like honey? Your favorite green tea? Your favorite coffee? Or Your favorite drink? It is a bit of an acquired taste.

It may taste a little different compared to Sugar in the beginning (because it is different!) but your taste buds will quickly adapt to it and your body will immediately start appreciating the positive effect of switching over to Stevia from sugar/artificial sweeteners. We firmly believe once you try our product for 7 days, you will be a convert. And you will never go back to any of the sugarfree/sugar brands that you might have been consuming.

In an extremely unlikely scenario, If you are not satisfied with our product after using it for 14 days, simply return it to us and we will refund your money back.

Please note that this unconditional return guarantee is only available on first purchase of Magicleaf products from our website. To read the detailed information on return policy of products, click here.