Stevia rebaudiana is a small herbaceous plant native to South America. A family of compounds called Steviol glycosides present in the leaves of this plant give it its sweet taste.

Stevia leaf extract is born from the sweet leaves of the stevia plant, which is a member of the chrysanthemum (sunflower) family. To extract the plant’s intense natural sweetness, stevia leaves are harvested and dried. The leaves are then steeped in hot water. The resulting liquid extract is filtered, purified, and dried, resulting in the crystalized stevia leaf extract. Over 200 times sweeter than sugar, stevia leaf extract is the primary sweetening ingredient in Magicleaf’s Sweetener blends, and only a tiny amount is needed to deliver its clean sweet taste.

Yes. Stevia has a history of 100s of years of being used as a sweetening agent in the human diet. Global food regulatory authorities like the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and FAO (JECFA) have approved Stevia extracts as a food additive after decades of evaluation. Today, Stevia extracts are fully approved to be used as a food additive in more than 130 countries.

Stevia has its own distinct sweet taste just like any other natural sweetener like Honey, Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup. Unfortunately, because Sugar is so pervasive in our foods our taste buds take some time to acclimatise and appreciate any new sweet flavour. Magicleaf Stevia is a product of 5 years of intensive R&D to simulate a Sugar like taste profile and create an extraordinary all-purpose sweetener that is all taste but no calories. Like many foods you love like tea/coffee/honey, it can be a bit of an acquired taste and can take a week or so to get used to it. But once you do, there will no going back! In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our product that if you try Magicleaf for 7 days and are not satisfied with the taste, we will happily return the product and give your money back.

Since Stevia extract is a high intensity sweetener (200 – 300 times sweeter than Sugar), a bulking agent is usually blended with pure Stevia extract for ease of use. Imagine using a high precision weighing scale otherwise to precisely measure 20mg of Stevia extract for your daily cup of coffee!

Magicleaf FAQs

No. Magicleaf Stevia Powder is a proprietary sweetener blend comprising 5 natural ingredients: Stevia leaf extract (sweetener), dietary fibre (prebiotic), levulose (bulking agent), silica (anti-caking agent) and natural flavours. Stevia leaf extract is the common or usual ingredient name for the extract derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. Stevia leaf extract is the primary sweetening ingredient in both Magicleaf Stevia Powder, Magicleaf Stevia Drops, Magicleaf Perfect Sweets, Magicleaf Perfect Bakes and Magicleaf Keto.

Yes. Stevia leaf extract is more than 200 times sweeter than sugar so only a small amount is needed to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee. To make Stevia leaf extract easy and practical for daily use, it is blended with a bulking agent.

Magicleaf Stevia is a patented sweetener blend that is a result of 5 years of intensive R&D and millions of dollars in investment. It took 100s of sleepless nights, 10s of thousands of trials, millions of kms of travel to find the best ingredients and suppliers from all around the world to create this remarkable sweetener blend. Magicleaf Stevia has: Superior taste profile Zero Calories All-natural ingredients (non GMO) No Bitterness or Lingering Minimal Aftertaste (pleasant) Magicleaf is committed to always use the highest quality ingredients and never cutting corners.

With Stevia extracts, the addition of a bulking agent is by and large a necessity. Magicleaf Stevia Powder uses Levulose as the bulking agent. Levulose is made from non-GMO rice and occurs naturally in all fruits and many other foods. It doesn’t get absorbed in our bloodstream and hence doesn’t impact the blood sugar level. The advantage of using Levulose as a carrier for stevia leaf extracts is that it has an extremely low glycemic index (20) and is an extremely safe ingredient. Apart from providing bulk, it also lends Magicleaf Stevia a sugar like appearance, texture and caramelisation when used for cooking.

Levulose, the bulking agent used in Magicleaf Stevia Powder, should not be confused with high fructose corn syrup, which can contain less than 10% fructose. Levulose has one of the lowest glycemic index of any food, with a rating of only 20, compared to 31 for skim milk, and 59 for sucrose (ordinary table sugar). This means that 1 gm of levulose raises your blood sugar only about 1/3 as much as a gm of sucrose, and it releases only about 1/3 as much insulin. And since Magicleaf Stevia is two times as sweet as table sugar you use only half as much, bringing insulin impact down to practically nil.

Magicleaf imports its non-GMO Levulose from a leading manufacturer in Israel. Levulose is created using the same manufacturing processes as sugar cane or sugar beets. After undergoing a purification, filtration and crystallization process, the result is levulose. Wherein, continuing to refine that same material, will later yield the undesirable high fructose corn syrup, which has a significantly higher glycaemic index than levulose.

Our Stevia is manufactured by Arboreal – a pioneering integrated producer of high purity Stevia extracts based in India. Arboreal has combined advanced scientific R&D with a traceable, scalable and sustainable supply chain of Stevia leaf out of India. Arboreal works directly with smallholder farmers in India on a long term basis and we are happy to support their mission. The journey of the best quality stevia extracts starts from the best quality stevia leaf. Smallholder farmers in foothills and foot plains of Himalayas and mother nature work all year long to grow the sweet leaf with magical sweetness. These leaves are then dried, and their sweet compounds extracted with a unique organic extraction process without the use of any chemicals or bleaching agents! These superior quality high purity Stevia extracts are then blended with other natural ingredients imported from US, Israel, EU, and India to create a truly extraordinary zero calorie sweetener that you can use to sweeten any and all recipes!

It is inulin fos derived from chicory root powder. Naturally occurring in nature in foods such as bananas, garlic, and artichokes, inulin is a natural plant fiber. It is a versatile ally as a sweetener, adding a fullness of texture to more closely match the feel of sugar. We source our Inulin FOS from a leading Indian manufacturer. Inulin FOS is a prebiotic and is widely accepted to have significant health benefits, especially for our gut microbiome.

Magicleaf uses a combination of proprietary Natural Flavors to optimise the aftertaste and reduce lingering typically associated with Stevia based sweeteners. All of these flavours are of plant origin and do not contain any artificial, GMO or nature identical ingredients.

We add a very tiny amount of food grade silica to keep Magicleaf Stevia free flowing.

The calories inherent per serving of Magicleaf Stevia are so insignificant that global regulations and labeling guidelines warrant us to classify them as Zero. Technically, Magicleaf Stevia does have 3 calories per serving. Stevia extracts have zero calories and zero glycemic index. But the pinch of levulose, which is used as the bulking agent contributes roughly 3 calories and has a glycemic index of 20. Being the wonderful low GI ingredient that it is, levulose doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar (GI of 20 means that only 20% of the 3 calories per serving = 0.6 calories get released to your bloodstream within 1.5 hours of consumption).

All Magicleaf products are safe for everyone's consumption, including diabetics, pregnant women, children and weight watchers.

1 teaspoon of Magicleaf Stevia Powder = 2 teaspoon of Sugar.

You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. Magicleaf Stevia is twice as sweet as sugar, you’ll only need 1/2 as much as regular sugar. Magicleaf Stevia dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage — just pour and stir!

Magicleaf Stevia Powder is suitable for making kheer, halwa and sewai. However, if you want to bake cake and cookies, then you can use Magicleaf Perfect Bakes. If you want to make sweets like Kaju Katli, Barfi and Peda, you can choose Magicleaf Perfect Sweets.

Magicleaf Stevia and Magicleaf Keto do not contain any products of animal origin and hence are suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans.

Yes! Both Magicleaf Stevia and Magicleaf Keto are gluten-free and can be consumed without hesitation by people with coeliac disease. As gluten-free foods, Magicleaf products are easily digestible for everyone and thus, as part of a balanced diet, conducive to general well-being.

Magicleaf Keto contains 3 natural ingredients: Stevia Leaf Extract, Erythritol and Natural Flavors.

Magicleaf Stevia uses Levulose as the Bulking Agent while Magicleaf Keto uses Erythritol as the Bulking Agent. While from a regulatory and practical perspective, both the blends are zero calorie and safe for one and all, many Keto practitioners prefer Erythritol over other bulking agents. So, we present our consumers with both options.

Naturally found erythritol is a sugar alcohol made from simple sugars derived from plant starches. It looks and tastes like table sugar, though it is about 30% less sweet. It was discovered in 1848 by Scotsman John Stenhouse. Erythritol is the largest ingredient in Magicleaf Keto by weight and is used as an ingredient to provide bulk and the sugar-like crystalline appearance and texture. Fermentation is the process by which an organism metabolizes or “digests” one or more food sources to produce a desired product. Fermentation occurs naturally in a variety of different foods given the right conditions and is used to produce wine, beer and yogurt. In the case of erythritol, a natural yeast digests the simple sugars such as dextrose and other nutrients and produces erythritol. After fermentation, the erythritol is filtered and dried into crystals. Erythritol is small; found naturally in a variety of fruits, such as grapes and pears, as well as in mushrooms, and certain fermented foods such as soy sauce and wine.

Magicleaf Keto contains 0.4 calories per serving (2 gms) from Erythritol and 0 Calories from the Stevia Leaf Extract. Both stevia leaf extract and erythritol have zero glycemic index and do not throw your body out of ketosis.

Yes. In 2014, one of the world’s strongest nutrition advocate organizations, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, declared erythritol “safe” in a comprehensive, science-based report on the use of non-nutritive sweeteners. The American Diabetes Association states, “Foods with low- or reduced-calorie sweeteners can have fewer calories than foods made with sugar and other caloric sweeteners. That can be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight or even to prevent weight gain. These products often also have less carbohydrate which can be helpful in managing blood glucose levels.”

The major part of erythritol goes into the body through the bloodstream, after being absorbed via the small intestine. The major difference between erythritol and other sweeteners is that it doesn’t have any laxative effects in normal quantities, which are common in other sugar alcohols. The main reason behind this is that more than 90% of erythritol is absorbed before entering the large intestine. Your body fully absorbs erythritol but can’t break it down, so it provides (virtually) no calories and does not produce a glycemic response. Most erythritol is absorbed into your bloodstream in the small intestine, and then for the most part excreted unchanged in your urine.

As with almost all finished food products, the journey from field to table involves some processing. The sweet components of the stevia leaf need to be extracted from the leaf, like vanilla needs to be extracted from vanilla beans. The erythritol in Magicleaf Sweetener Blend is made from a natural fermentation process. Like in other finished foods, including table sugar, processing aids suitable for use in food are used in the production of both stevia leaf extract and erythritol. These aids help either extract, isolate or purify components of the ingredients. Under regulations like US FDA and FSSAI, these processing aids are not subject to labeling requirements because they do not have a technical or functional effect in the finished food and because they are either not present or are present at insignificant levels in the finished product.

Decisions on where we source erythritol from are based on technologies and raw material availability. The erythritol we use is produced by fermentation and is the same as erythritol found naturally in a variety of fruits, such as grapes and pears.

Yes! An average consumer intakes 1.5-2 kgs of Sugar on a monthly basis. If you replace your entire Sugar consumption with Magicleaf Keto, you should save on 6000 – 8000 kcal every month which equals roughly 1 Kg of body fat. Combined with a keto diet the results can be even more effective. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

Just add 4-5 drops to sweeten a cup of tea/coffee. 4-5 drops of Magicleaf Stevia Drops = 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Magicleaf Stevia Drops is perfect to sweeten tea, coffee, and any hot or cold beverage.

Magicleaf Perfect Sweets is a 100% natural sugar substitute for making sweets.

Magicleaf Perfect is a cup for cup replacement of sugar, which means you need to replace a cup of sugar with a cup of Magicleaf Perfect Sweets in your recipes.

Magicleaf Perfect Bakes is a 100% natural sugar substitute especially designed for baking purpose. It browns, carmalizes and provides superior texture and consistency just like sugar.

Magicleaf Perfect Bakes is a cup for cup replacement for sugar, which means you need to replace a cup of sugar with a cup of Magicleaf Perfect Bakes in your recipes.

Magicleaf Perfect Sweets can be used to make all types of Indian sweets, including halwa, kaju katli, barfi, peda, laddoo and more.

Magicleaf Perfect Bakes can be used to make all types of baked food items, including cake, cookies, brownies, pastries, and more.