The truth of artificial sweeteners

Most of the popular brands of “Sugarfree” sweeteners are not going to tell you that they are based on artificial sweeteners (like aspartame, sucralose) and the increasing body of scientific evidence linking them to cancer, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. But if not them, what are your options to sweeten your cup of morning tea or coffee?

We understand your pain

Having had diabetic parents for over 20 years, we have been a first hand witness to how limiting life with diabetes can be. Their daily struggles with blood sugar levels prompted us to undertake 5 Years of R&D, 10,000+ Trials and a journey of over a million kms to discover, produce and bring the best tasting Stevia sweetener that we all use on a daily basis. We are proud to share these products with you as Magicleaf - Great Tasting, All Natural, Zero Calorie Sweeteners from the Stevia Leaf. Magicleaf is diabetes friendly and does not affect your blood sugar levels.

Bitter Stevia or better Stevia

Have you already tried another brand of Stevia and weren’t impressed? While all brands claim to offer clean tasting Stevia without any bitterness or aftertaste, we truly deliver. The secret lies in our integrated production process wherein we control every aspect from [farm to fork]. 1000s of satisfied customers like you have made us the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon.

Discover the magic of nature

When it comes to our food, natural is better, natural is safer. Our ingredients are grown in the farms, and not synthesized in industrial tanks!

In all Magicleaf products, not just the Stevia used but 100% of the ingredients used in our blends (including the bulking agent, flavors) are natural and come from a non GMO plant source. Also we take extreme care to ensure that all our ingredients are minimally processed and manufactured using processes that retain the integrity of the ingredients and their naturalness.

When it comes to Stevia’s safety there are no ifs and buts. Stevia is 100% safe for one and all. Including your children and pregnant women. Stevia is also extremely heat stable and doesn’t disintegrate at even higher temperatures used for baking.

All the “Sugarfree” alternatives contain aspartame or sucralose (chemicals) and increasingly consumers & scientists are discovering the long term negative side effects (cancer, metabolic disorders, insulin resistance) of using these artificial sweeteners.

Magicleaf &

Magicleaf is diabetes friendly and is an ideal substitute for sugar in all your favorite recipes. Apart from avoiding empty calories and maintaining blood sugar levels, Stevia has been found to have a positive impact on diabetics. In fact, there are scientific studies conducted in Europe and North America that substantiate that Stevia might have a role to play in reversing diabetes (please note these results are not clinically established yet).

Additionally, there are quite a few anecdotal stories of diabetic patients who report that their sugar levels are much better regulated since they switched to Stevia. Stevia is clearly by far the most superior sweetener for diabetics.

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If you haven’t discovered Magicleaf already, you can order a free sample from us before making your first purchase. Just click on the link below and drop us a quick note with your details!

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What people are saying about Magicleaf Stevia

It is extremely likely you heard about Magicleaf from one of your friends who was raving about its quality. Read about what India’s leading Keto coaches, dietitians and nutritionists have to say about Magicleaf Keto!

Risha Yadav

Magicleaf Stevia is a great substitute as a sweetener for a healthy lifestyle. At our clinic, we recommend various products similar to Magicleaf and a lot of our patients have come back to us and told that, they never found stevia this tasty and well rounded.

Diabetes & giving up sugar

Many of you might have given up on sugar altogether when diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. But let’s face it, you don’t enjoy your ‘feeki chai’ the same as your regular one. A feeki Diwali or Eid is no fun either.

We believe you deserve better. With Magicleaf, you don’t need to compromise anymore. You can give up sugar, without giving up your lifestyle. Explore 100s of ways of living a sweeter life without affecting your blood sugar.

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Diabetes friendly recipes

From coffee to delicious desserts and everything else in between

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With Magicleaf, less is more

You only need small amount of Magicleaf to get a lot of sweetness. It’s almost like magic!


Yes! Magicleaf Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and is safe for one and all – including diabetics and weight watchers.

Yes! Magicleaf products are perfect for a low-calorie cooking. All the ingredients in Magicleaf Stevia and Magicleaf Keto are heat stable. In other words, they retain their sweetness even at high temperatures, e.g. in oven-baked desserts. Unlike Artificial Sweeteners like Aspartame that degrade into toxic compounds upon heating, Stevia is very stable and suitable for all purpose cooking and baking.

You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. Because Magicleaf Stevia is 4 times as sweet as sugar is twice as sweet as sugar, you’ll only need 1/4th as much as regular sugar. You can use the microspoon provided with the pack to measure 1 gm which is equal to 1 teaspoon of Sugar (4 gms). Magicleaf Stevia dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage — just pour and stir! When baking, replaces table sugar 4 for 1 (4 cups of table sugar = 1 cup of Magicleaf Stevia). Because Magicleaf Stevia contains crystalline fructose, it retains the browning and carmelizing features cooks look for in baking, making it an excellent replacement for sugar in recipes. We are always adding new recipes to our website. You can find them on

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