Brand promise

In the entrepreneurial world, ‘launch fast, fail fast’ is a widespread truism. We have lost count of how many times we have been asked by friends: ‘Where can I buy your Stevia?’ And we would always smile and say we will let you know soon. The truth was that we didn’t want to launch something that we weren’t happy giving to our parents and don’t consume ourselves everyday. And that kept us quietly slogging to develop something that was truly a cut above the rest.

5 years of passion, 10,000+ trials, 100s of sleepless nights and millions of kms of travel later, we are happy to share Magicleaf Stevia with you. Over the years, we have been single mindedly focused on creating the best tasting Stevia based sweetener product while abiding by certain core value principles as a brand.

Magicleaf as a brand is committed to:


Every box we ship will be that of a product that we and our family members consume on a daily basis. While delivering an excellent value for money to our consumers, we will never short change them with cheaper ingredients.


We invest a significant percentage of our profits directly into farmer communities whom we work with, equipping them with means for better economic, educational and health opportunities. We promote climate smart practises that lead to savings of water and reduced/zero usage of pesticides and zero chemicals in our production process. We invest in farmers looking to switch over to organic biopractises for a more sustainable farming future for all.


We will never hoodwink our consumers with ‘Nature Identical’ or ‘Artificial Ingredients’ even if they are 10X cheaper. Or small prints about how something is not safe for children, pregnant women or contains allergens. Natural is what is grown in farms, & minimally processed using natural/bio processes without use of harmful chemicals.

Never cutting corners on quality

Creating a positive triple bottom line impact- social, economic and environmental

Using only 100% natural ingredients that are 100% safe