Stevia Liquid Drops by Magicleaf
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What is Stevia?

Stevia plant (Meethi Tulsi) is grown by Indian farmers in the foothills of Himalayas. It is sweet in taste. It does not affect your blood sugar levels.


Magicleaf Stevia Liquid is made from these Stevia leaves.


Product Details:

Does not affect your Blood Sugar level.

Contains 0 Calories.

-  We use Water Based Organic Process to turn Stevia Leaves into Liquid.

100% Natural Product. No Chemicals or Preservatives Used.

4-5 drops are enough to sweeten a cup of tea.

-  One 30ml bottle can sweeten 150-200 cups of tea


Who can use?

- Diabetics

- People on diet

- Everyone in family.


Can I use it daily?

Absolutely! It is safe for daily consumption for everyone and has no side effects.


Is it a medicine for diabetes?

No, it is not a medicine to treat diabetes. It is a sugar-free sweetener which can be used in your tea, coffee and other beverages.


Key Points:

- Cash on delivery available.

- 10 days money back guarantee if you do not like the product.


Product Certifications:

- FSSAI Certified

- ISO 22000:2005

- GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP Certified



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Magicleaf is a product of 5 years of passionate development, millions of kms of exploration, 10,000+ trials, 100s of sleepless nights and a firm commitment to ‘not cutting corners'.

The journey of all Magicleaf products starts from the pristine foothills and footplains of Himalayas, where smallholder farmers and mother nature bestow the Stevia plant its magical sweetness.

This sweetness is then carefully extracted through a proprietary Organic process (developed after 10s of thousands of hours of R&D) to give you a range of extraordinary sweetener ingredients and food products that are 100% natural, minimally processed & easy to use.