Magicleaf Stevia 100% Natural Sweetener - 40g ( Trial Pack ) - Magicleaf Stevia
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Just like you, the product in your hand is also very special. It is a blend of all natural ingredients that taste so good, you will never go back to any of those articial sweeteners or even Sugar. It contains no Polyols, GMOs, allergens, gluten or chemicals.

Magicleaf Stevia is zero calorie and safe for everyone in the family including those watching their blood sugar or calorie levels | Try it with your tea, coffee, juices, desserts or one of the numerous recipes of indian food & beverage products made with Magicleaf Stevia on our recipes. The possibilities are truly endless! |

1 gm of Magicleaf is equal to 4 gms of Sugar so use the nano spoon provided to add 1 gm of Stevia blend where you would typically use 1 tsp of Sugar. |

WHATS INSIDE: Each of the individual ingredients in this sweetener blend are 100% Natural, 100% Safe and 100% Good for you. Magicleaf Stevia is a unique combination of:

1) Stevia: or ‘Meethi Tulsi’ as it is commonly called in India is an herb whose leaves contain sweet molecules that are upto 300 times sweetener than Sugar. We extract the sweetness of the Stevia leaf through an Organic extraction process.

2) Crystalline Fructose: the natural fruit sugar, although has some calories, but it is easier on our body than glucose or table sugar because of its super low glycemic index. It is digested in our liver, and hence doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, so you never experience a sugar high or sugar low.

3) Prebiotic Fibers: We use prebiotic plant fibers that have digestive benefits like calcium absorption and friendly gut microbiome.

4) Natural Flavors: We use premium natural flavors (and never natural identical or articial) to lend Magicleaf Stevia a well rounded Sugar like taste prole. Additionally, we use Silica, a natural mineral, as an anti caking agent. This keeps Magicleaf Stevia, free flowing.

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